Monitoring Citrix ADC HDX AppFlow

eG Enterprise provides a specialized Citrix HDX AppFlow monitoring model for monitoring HDX AppFlow.

Figure 3 : The layer model of Citrix HDX AppFlow

Each layer of Figure 3 above is mapped to tests that intercept AppFlow records to report a wide variety of useful metrics. Using these metrics, administrators can find quick and accurate answers for the following performance queries:

  • Is any HDX virtual channel hogging bandwidth? If so, which one?
  • What is the current session load on the XenApp/XenDesktop environment? Is the workload increasing consistently?
  • Are any application/desktop session logging out suddenly? If so, which ones?
  • Is any application user experiencing a time lag when accessing the application? If so, which user is affected and what could be delaying his/her access – the client side network? the server side network? the server hosting the applications? Or the ADC appliance?
  • Is any desktop user experiencing slowness during desktop accesses? If so, which user has been impacted and what could be impacting his/her experience with the virtual desktop? In which ICA session was this slowness observed?
  • Is any application session consuming bandwidth excessively? If so, Which applications were accessed by the user over that session?
  • Which applications were launched by a user?
  • Were any applications terminated by a user? If so, which ones?
  • Is any desktop user consuming bandwidth excessively? If so, over which session did the abnormal bandwidth consumption occur? Which desktop was accessed by the user over that session?
  • Is any application/desktop session inactive? How long is that session being inactive?
  • Is any application taking too long to launch? Which application is it? Which user is impacted by the launch delay? Which server is the application running on?
  • Has ADC been configured with adequate SSL VPN licenses?

The following sub-topics discuss each layer of Figure 3 and the tests mapped to every layer.

The Citrix HDX Licenses Layer

The Citrix HDX Gateways Layer

The Citrix HDX Desktops Layer

The Citrix HDX Applications Layer

The Citrix HDX Users Layer