HDX SSL VPN Licenses Test

Using this test, administrators can understand how the SSL VPN licenses are being used, and accordingly plan license requirements for the future. Moreover, the test also promptly alerts administrators if the ADM appliance is about to run out of licenses.

Target of the test : Citrix ADM HDX Insight

Agent deploying the test : A remote agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for the infrastructure monitored

Parameter Description

Test period

How often should the test be executed. It is recommended that you set the test period to5 minutes. This is because, the Nitro API using which the eG agent collects metrics from HDX Insight, is capable of capturing only the performance data related to the last 5 minutes.


The host for which the test is to be configured.

Insight Username, Insight password, and Confirm password

To connect to HDX Insight and collect the metrics it captures, the eG agent needs to be configured with the credentials of a user with read-only permissions to HDX Insight. Type the name of this user against insight Username and the password of this user against Insight password. Then, confirm the password by retyping it in the Confirm password text box.


By default, HDX Insight is not SSL-enabled. This is why, this flag is set to No by default. If it is SSL-enabled, then change this flag to Yes.

Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation

Total licenses

Indicates the total number of SSL VPN licenses configured.



Licenses in use

Indicates the number of licenses currently utilized by the ICA sessions.


If the number of Licenses in use is equal to or close to the Total licenses count, it is a cause for concern, as it indicates that the environment is running out of licenses.

License usage

Indicates the percentage of licenses in use.


A value close to 100% is a cause for concern, as it indicates that the environment is running out of licenses.

Available licenses

Indicates the number of licenses that are still be used.


A high value is desired for this measure. A value close to 0 implies that not many licenses are available for the use of subsequent ICA sessions. You may want to buy more licenses to pre-empt this unpleasant outcome.