Monitoring Citrix ADM Web Insight

Web Insight provides visibility into web applications and allows IT administrators to monitor all web applications being served by ADCs. Web Insight captures data about web traffic that flows between the clients and the servers, generates AppFlow records by doing deep inspection of the data, and presents the records as visual reports.

eG Enterprise integrates with Web Insight and collects all the web traffic-related performance data captured by Web Insight. This easy integration capability, when coupled with eG’s built-in web monitoring capabilities, transforms eG Enterprise into a comprehensive monitoring solution that provides unlimited visibility into the performance and problems related to web applications.

To visually represent the data collected from Web Insight in the eG monitoring console, eG Enterprise provides a specialized Citrix ADM Web Insight monitoring model.

Figure 1 : Layer model of Citrix ADM Web Insight


eG Enterprise cannot monitor Citrix ADM Insight v10.5.

To run these tests, the eG agent will have to be deployed on a remote Windows/Unix host in the environment and should be configured with the credentials of a user with read-only privileges to Web Insight.

Using the metrics collected, the following performance queries can be answered:

  • Is any web server overloaded with requests? If so, which one is it?
  • Are all web servers processing requests quickly, or is any web server experiencing a processing bottlenck?
  • Is any web server's network very latent?
  • Which is the most popular web application?
  • Is any web application consuming too much bandwidth?
  • Is any web application responding slowly to requests? If so, what is the root-cause of the poor responsiveness - is it owing to the poor processing power of the web server? a latent server network? or a slow client network?
  • Is request load uniformly balanced across all ADC appliances in use in the environment?
  • Is any NetScaler handling bandwidth-intensive web traffic? If so, which HTTP request methods to and response status messages from that ADC are hogging the bandwidth resources?
  • Is any client overloading the web servers managed by ADC?
  • Is any client rendering pages slowly?
  • Is any client's network slow?
  • Which client operating system is consuming bandwidth abnormally?
  • Which user agent is a bandwidth hog?
  • Which URL request generated a very slow response? Why? - is it because of a delay in page loading? Or page rendering?