Citrix App Controller delivers access to web, SaaS, Android, and iOS apps, as well as integrated ShareFile data and documents. Users access their applications through Citrix Workspace App, Receiver for Web or Worx Home.

With App Controller, you can provide the following benefits for each application type:

  • SaaS applications. Active Directory-based user identity creation and management, with SAML-based single sign-on (SSO).
  • Intranet web applications. HTTP form-based SSO by using password storage.
  • iOS and Android apps. Unified store to which you can install MDX apps for iOS and Android devices, and security management for MDX policies, encompassing WorxMail and WorxWeb. You can wrap iOS and Android apps with the MDX Toolkit to create MDX apps.
  • ShareFile access. Delivery of files by configuring ShareFile settings and the ShareFile application that provides seamless SAML SSO, and Active Directory-based ShareFile service user account management.

Any issue that threatens the availability or overall health of the App Controller will impact user access to all the aforesaid applications. For instance, if the network connection to the App Controller is flaky or broken, users will not be able to access SaaS, mobile applications, or ShareFile; as a result, user productivity will suffer. Similarly, the inaccessibility of App Controller’s web-based management console and the use of expired certificates to establish a connection with a mobile app can also slowdown/suspend user access. What can further weaken a user’s experience with a mobile app are the application-level policies and device-level securities configured on App Controller for the individual applications.

Therefore, to assure mobile device users of a high-quality experience with their applications, administrators should closely monitor the availability of the App Controller, track user logins to App Controller and the applications these users typically access, study the current policy settings for applications, and proactively detect abnormalities and areas that require fine-tuning. This is exactly where the Citrix App Controller monitoring model that eG Enterprise provides help!