What is Citrix App Layering Manager?

Citrix App Layering is a flexible solution to provide a complex set of Windows applications to a diverse set of users on any non-persistent supported platform. Citrix App Layering appliance performs image management in a unique way. The operating system and applications are split into different containers called “Layers.” Layers are created and updated independently, then compiled into “published images” to be distributed using any supported provisioning system. Once the libraries of applications are created, different sets of images are deployed to many platforms using any combination of layers.

The primary goal of Citrix App Layering is to simplify Windows application management using a single interface. Citrix App Layering allows administrators to create and manage enterprise applications regardless of the underlying hypervisors or cloud infrastructure.

The OS and applications are separated into discrete manageable units. Even if many images are required to properly control application access, each operating system and its applications are managed as a single instance. In this approach, updates don’t have to be performed on every image in the environment. Simplifies the environment while reducing management time, complexity, and costs associated with operating systems and app management.