Why Monitor Citrix App Layering Manager?

Citrix App Layering provides a cost-effective solution to manage a complex set of applications across multiple environments with different packaging requirements. In addition, Citrix App Layering radically reduces the time it takes to manage Windows applications and images. With Citrix App Layering, administrators can install OS, platform tools, and apps in separate layers, maintain a single OS layer for each major OS version, create an image template for each unique combination of layers required by users, use the templates to provision as many systems as required and elastically assign specific App layers for on-demand delivery to users when they log in. In environments where Citrix App Layering is extensively used, if any of the layers are not readily available for publishing or if the target appliance could not find disk in the Packaging cache or if the users could not access the App Layering services due to lack of storage space, users are forced to wait till the layers are made available or the storage space and cache size is increased. To avoid such poor user experience, it is necessary for the administrators to monitor the Citrix App Layering Manager round the clock! eG Enterprise helps administrators in this regard!