What is Citrix Cloud Connector - Linux?

Connector Appliance runs a custom Linux-based operating system with only the minimum functionality to achieve its purpose and is provided as a black box which can be configured without any complex procedure. The Connector Appliance offers variety of benefits such as multi-Domain AD user authentication, Citrix Secure Private Access, Citrix Image Portability service, and Citrix Hypervisor Cloud support.

Why to Monitor Citrix Cloud Connector - Linux?

Sometimes, disruption in the communication between Citrix Cloud and the resources could be caused by the non-availability of the Connector Appliance, difficulties in connecting to the network or due to poor security. For communication to resume, administrators should first figure out where the real problem lies. This can be achieved only if the Connector Appliance is continuously monitored, and potential communication problems accurately detected. eG Enterprise helps administrators to achieve this.