Citrix Cloud is a workspace management platform for IT administrators to design, deliver and manage virtual desktops and applications and other services, such as file sharing, on any device.

Citrix components deployed in the datacenter in a traditional on-premises environment are split into two groups in a Citrix Cloud deployment, namely - Control Plane and Resource Plane.

The Control Plane includes controllers, management consoles, SQL database, license server, and optionally StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway. The Citrix Cloud manages the operations of the Control Plane. The Virtual Delivery Agents (VDAs) hosting the apps and desktops remain under the customer's control in the Resource Plane - i.e., the data center of customer's choice, either cloud or on-premises. The Resource Plane typically includes the Citrix XenApp server, XenDesktop VDA, Active Directory, and the Citrix Cloud Connector.

The Citrix Cloud Connector is a Citrix component that serves as a channel for communication between Citrix Cloud and your resource locations, enabling cloud management without requiring any complex networking or infrastructure configuration.

Figure 2 : How does the Citrix Cloud Connector work

To ensure the high uptime of the Citrix Cloud service, administrators should keep close tabs on the availability and operations of each of the components of the Control Plane and the Resource Plane, proactively detect potential anomalies, and resolve them before users complain.

eG Enterprise already embeds the ability to monitor almost all components of the Control Plane and Resource Plane. Monitoring models for StoreFront, NetScaler, SQL database server, License server, Citrix Director, Active Directory, XenApp, and XenDesktop VDA, pre-exist in the eG Enterprise system.

Now, eG Enterprise additionally provides monitoring support to the Citrix Cloud Connector component in the Resource Plane and the delivery controllers in the Control Plane. For monitoring the cloud-based delivery controllers, eG Enterprise offers the Citrix Cloud Control Plane monitoring model.