Monitoring Citrix Cloud Gateway Connector

To access your mission-critical applications hosted on the Citrix cloud from the on-premises components such as Web servers, you need to ensure that the Citrix Cloud Gateway Connector through which you are trying to establish communication functions without a glitch! To enable administrators to ensure the continuous availability and problem-free execution of the target connector, the eG Enterprise offers a dedicated Citrix Cloud Gateway Connector model.

Figure 1 : The Citrix Cloud Gateway Connector monitoring model

Each layer of Figure 1 is mapped to tests that initiate REST API calls on the target connector, in an agentless manner, and pull out a wealth of performance information related to the connector. These metrics reveal the following:

  • Is the target connector available over the network?
  • Is connector consuming CPU resources excessively?
  • How well the allocated memory is utilized by the connector?
  • Is the target connector running out of disk space?
  • Has memory been over-allocated to the target connector?
  • How well is the Application Firewall functioning? Were any requests to the firewall aborted before completion?
  • Is the HA node in a High Availability setup currently up and running?
  • How well the integrated cache is utilized by the target connector?
  • Is the origin bandwidth consumption high?
  • Is the target connector over-loaded with SSL sessions?
  • Does compression occur too frequently? Should the quantumSize be reconfigured to reduce the frequency of compression?