What is Citrix Cloud Gateway Connector?

Citrix Gateway Connector is a Citrix component which serves as a channel of communication between Cloud services (Secure Workspace Access service, ADM, and so on) and on-premises components such as Web servers. Citrix Gateway Connector facilitates the remote access to the Enterprise web apps. Citrix Gateway Connector authenticates and encrypts all communication between Citrix Cloud and your resource locations. The communication between the Citrix Gateway Connector and Citrix Cloud is outbound. All connections are established from the Citrix Gateway Connector to the cloud using the standard HTTPS port (443) and the TCP protocol. No incoming connections are accepted.

Why Monitor Citrix Cloud Gateway Connector?

In order to maintain data integrity and safety during communication between Cloud services and and on-premises components, it is imperative to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the Citrix Cloud Gateway Connector. eG Enterprise's specialized monitoring model for the Citrix Cloud Gateway Connector keeps close tabs on every critical step of the authentication operation performed by the Citrix Cloud Gateway Connector, so that potential security breaches are spotted and sealed before they disrupt normal server functions; this includes, the identification of connection bottlenecks, monitoring data transmitted to and from the server to detect a possible overload, assessing how effectively the server handles SSL handshakes, determining whether/not the server properly validates login credentials, etc.