The Desktop Controllers Layer

Besides revealing the availability and overall health of the IIS web server on which the broker executes, this layer also reveals the following:

  • Status of each controller in a Delivery Controller farm
  • Status of site services
  • The health of the interactions between the broker service and the MS SQL database server
  • The issues in the communication between the Citrix Configuration Service and the MS SQL database
  • Errors in transactions executed by the Citrix Host Service on the broker's database
  • How well the Citrix AD Identity Service interacts with the broker's MS SQL database
  • The health of transactions performed by the Machine Creation Service on the broker's database
  • Whether the Citrix Machine Identity Service is able to connect to the broker's database, and how well the database is managing the load generated by the service
  • The load handling ability of the Citrix XML Service that is responsible for communications between the Web Interface component and the XenDesktop site

Figure 1 : The tests mapped to the Desktop Controllers layer