If one/more of the Xen DDC tests fail, then a possible reason for this anomaly would be the failure of the powershell scripts associated with the affected tests. To verify this, do the following:

  1. Login to the admin server of the DDC farm.
  2. Go to the PowerShell command prompt on the server.
  3. Switch to the root directory and execute a command in the following format:

    powershell -psconsolefile “<consloefile_path>” -command “<powershell_script> <IP_address_of_the_admin_server>”

  4. For instance, if the DDC Farm test failed, then, to check whether it can be attributed to the failure of the XenFarms.ps1 script associated with the test, execute the following command:

    powershell –psconsolefile “C:\Program Files\Citrix\Desktop Delivery Controller\               

    Powershell\XdCommands.psc1” –command “C:\egurkha\lib\XenFarms.ps1”

  5. If the script does not execute at all, then, it could imply that the PowerShell SDK restricts script execution. To lift this restriction, execute the following command before attempting script execution:

    Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted


    On a 64 bit platform, you must set the execution policy for the 32 bit PowerShell environment rather than the execution policy for the 64 bit PowerShell environment. In such a case therefore, use the Windows PowerShell(32) shell instance to set the policy.

  6. Then, try to execute the XenFarms.ps1 script (in the case of our example) again. If the script executes successfully, then the output will be displayed as depicted by Figure 1 below.

    Figure 1 : Output of the powershell script

  7. Similarly, you can check whether the script associated with each of the Xen DDC tests execute successfully or not. The tests and their corresponding script files are provided below for your benefit:

    Test Name Script

    DDC Farm


    Desktops in Farm


    VM Platform Status


    Desktop Groups


    VM Platform for Desktop Groups


    Desktop Groups Availability


    VD Connectivity Check


    Virtual Desktop Availability


    Virtual Desktop Logins


    Virtual Desktops