Monitoring Citrix Endpoint Management

The dedicated monitor model periodically monitors the Citrix Endpoint Management and reports the availability, responsiveness, and overall health, and thus reveals how the Citrix Endpoint Management service.

Figure 1 : The layer model of the Citrix Endpoint Management server

Each layer of this monitoring model is mapped to a wide variety of tests to pull out performance statistics related to the Endpoint Management server. Using the metrics collected from the Citrix Endpoint Management server, administrators can ascertain the following:

  • Is the Endpoint Management server available over the network?
  • Are any JVM threads being blocked? Exactly, which thread is blocking and which line of code could have caused the block?
  • Has the Endpoint Management server experienced any error events recently? What type of errors are these?
  • Does the Endpoint Management server have adequate user/device licenses?
  • Are scheduled jobs running as per schedule on Endpoint Management?
  • What is the current device load on Endpoint Management? Does the thread pool have adequate threads to handle this load?
  • How many devices are currently managed by Endpoint Management?
  • Which of these devices host blacklisted applications?
  • Do all managed devices contain all required applications? Which applications are missing on which devices?
  • Has Endpoint Management detected any jail-broken, perimeter-breaching, out-of-compliant, or passcode non-compliant devices? If so, which devices are they?
  • Has Endpoint Management triggered any automated actions on any device? Which of these actions are still pending on these devices and why?
  • Which devices are currently disconnected from Endpoint Management?
  • Have any deployments failed?
  • Is any SSL certificate installed on Endpoint Management nearing expiry? If so, which one is it?
  • Are there any issues logging into Endpoint Management?
  • What is the current state of each cluster task and how long does it take for a task to complete?
  • Which is current state of each Endpoint Management cluster node?

The sections that follow will take you on a layer-by-layer tour of the Citrix Endpoint Management monitoring model. However, since the tests associated with the Network and Application Processes layers have been already dealt with in detail in the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document, the documentation of this model will focus on the other layers only.