XM Cluster Tasks Test

When a Endpoint Management cluster is healthy, the tasks executed on the Endpoint Management cluster will be completed on a swift pace thus providing an optimal cluster performance! Whenever there is a lag in the performance of the cluster, administrators may start wondering the real reason behind such a lag – is it due to too many pending tasks? or it is due to the time duration that had elapsed since the task was last updated? The XM Cluster Tasks test helps in answering these questions!

This test monitors the tasks that are executing on each Endpoint Management cluster and reports the current status of the tasks and the time that elapsed since the last update of the tasks.

This test is disabled by default. To enable the test, follow the Agents -> Tests -> Enable/Disable menu sequence in the eG administrative interface, pick Citrix Endpoint Management as the Component type, select Performance as the Test type, choose this test from the list of disabled tests list, and click on the < button.

Target of the test : A Citrix Endpoint Management

Agent deploying the test : A remote agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for each task executing on each Endpoint Management cluster node being monitored.

Configurable parameters for the test
Parameter Description

Test Period

How often should the test be executed.


The host for which the test is to be configured.


The port at which the specified host listens. By default, this is 4443.

Username and Password

Specify the credentials of a Endpoint Management user with Administrator privileges.

Confirm Password

Confirm the password by retyping it here.


Indicate whether/not the Endpoint Management server is SSL-enabled. By default, this flag is set to Yes

Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation


Indicates the current status of this task.


The values that this measure reports and their corresponding numeric values are listed in the table below:

Measure Value Numeric Value
Completed 1
Pending 0


By default, this measure reports the Measure Values discussed in the table above. However, in the graph of this measure, the status of this task is indicated using the numeric equivalents only.

Time since last update

Indicates the time duration that had elapsed since this task was last updated.