Administering the eG Manager to Monitor Citrix Hypervisor - VDI

  1. Log into the eG administrative interface.
  2. eG Enterprise cannot automatically discover the Citrix Hypervisor - VDI. You need to manually add the Citrix Hypervisor - VDI using the COMPONENTS page (see Figure 1) that appears when the Infrastructure -> Components -> Add/Modify menu sequence is followed. Remember that components manually added are managed automatically.

    Figure 1 : Adding the Citrix Hypervisor – VDI

  3. To monitor a Citrix Hypervisor - VDI, select Xen as the OS and set the Mode to SSH. Then, pick a Remote agent from Figure 1 to perform the agentless monitoring, and also assign an External agent to the server to verify its external availability and network health. Finally, click the Add button in Figure 1 to manage the component.
  4. When you attempt to sign out, a list of unconfigured tests appears (see Figure 2).

    Figure 2 : List of unconfigured tests for Citrix Hypervisor - VDI

  5. Click on the Desktop’s HDX Channel test in Figure 2 to configure it. To know how to configure the test, click here.
  6. Finally, signout of the eG administrative interface.