Licensing and Benefits of the eG VM Agent

  • The eG VM Agent is not license-controlled. Therefore, you can install and use any number of VM agents in your infrastructure.
  • The eG VM Agent offers several key benefits:

    • Ideal for high-security environments: The eG VM Agent is capable of collecting “inside view” metrics from Windows VMs, without domain administrator privileges. It is hence ideal for high-security environments, where administrators might not be willing to expose the credentials of the domain administrators.
    • Easy to install, configure: The eG VM Monitor offers users the flexibility to choose from multiple methodologies for installing the eG VM Agent on the target VMs. Even a manual installation procedure, would not take more than a few minutes. Moreover, since the eG VM agent communicates only with the eG agent and not the eG manager, no additional configuration needs to be performed on the VM agent to facilitate the communication. In addition, the VM agent starts automatically upon installation, thereby saving the time and trouble involved in manually starting each of the VM agents.
    • License independent: Since the eG VM agent is not license-controlled, you can add any number of VM agents, as and when required, to your environment.