The Citrix Hypervisor Monitoring Model

As stated earlier, you can use the Citrix Hypervisor monitoring model for monitoring the performance of XenServers hosting one/more server applications. Figure 1 depicts the Citrix XenServer monitoring model.

Figure 1 : The Citrix XenServer Monitoring Model

Each layer depicted by Figure 1 above reports a wide variety of statistics, which enable administrators to find quick and accurate answers for the following questions:

  • How many guest VMs are running on each Citri Hypervisor , what is the IP address of each of guests, what operating system is each guest running, and when was the guest powered on?
  • How much memory is allocated to each guest and does each guest VM have sufficient free memory?
  • Does the hypervisor have sufficient memory available to support the guest VMs that it is hosting?
  • What is the CPU utilization of the hypervisor and which of the guest VMs is taking up excessive CPU?
  • Which application(s) running on each of the guest VMs is taking CPU, memory, and disk resources?
  • Is there sufficient disk space in each of the disk partitions of the guest operating system?
  • Which of the guests is seeing the highest and lowest network traffic?
  • Is there excessive queuing for disk access on any of the guest VMs?