Ability to Set Additional Session Idle Time During Simulation

Altering the default LAUNCH TIMEOUT parameter in the test configuration page will change the timeouts at all stages of the simulation. Many administrators may not wish to meddle with this default launch timeout but may still want to set some idle time as a buffer after the Citrix Session is established. This may be a mandatory process in their environment.

To aid the request of such administrators, eG Enterprise allows the administrators to add an additional idle time by editing the SessionIdleTimeInSecs key in the ICALogonSimulator.exe.config file available in the <eG_Agent_Install_Dir>\egurkha\lib folder. Administrators can specify the idle time of their choice in seconds against this parameter and save the file. To set an additional idle time of 30 seconds, you can do the following:

<add key="SessionIdleTimeInSecs"value="30"/>

Figure 1 : Setting Additional Session Idle Time