Configuring Tests for the Citrix NetScaler SDX Appliance

Now that the appliance has been managed, click Sign out to exit the eG admin interface. Figure 1 will then appear listing the tests that will have to be manually configured for the target appliance.

Figure 1 : List of unconfigured tests

Configuring any one test for the target SDX appliance will automatically configure all other tests associated with that appliance. So, click on any test in Figure 1. For instance, let us configure the SDX CPU Core Usage test by clicking on it. Figure 2 will then appear displaying that test's parameters.

Figure 2 : Configuring a test for the Citrix NetScaler SDX appliance

To know what the SDX CPU Core Usage test does and how to configure it, refer to the SDX CPU Core Usage Test topic. Once the test is configured, click the Update button in Figure 2 to save the changes. Finally, sign out of the eG administrative interface.