What is Citrix Storage Zone?

Storage zone provides administrators the flexibility to choose between ShareFile-managed, secure cloud storage, or IT-managed storage zones (on-prem) storage within your own data center. In addition to allowing users the ability to create and manage on-premises storage zones, users also have the option of utilizing ShareFile-managed storage zones. Storage zones controller also provides users with secure access to SharePoint sites and network file shares through storage zone connectors. Storage zone connectors enable you to provide secure mobile access to data residing behind your corporate firewall without the need to migrate data to the cloud.

Why Monitor Citrix Storage Zone?

By default, Citrix ShareFile stores all user data in Citrix-managed cloud-based storage. Organizations that prefer not to store documents on the cloud, can use the ShareFile StorageZones Controller to save data on-premises – i.e., within their data center.

The unavailability of an on-premises storage zone can deny users access to critical documents will adversely impact user productivity and cripple user confidence in the ShareFile technology. This is why, the availability and overall health of these storage zones have to be monitored continuously.