Terminal Service Health Test

This test reports the health of the Terminal service by enumerating the list of all local RDP and ICA sessions running on the server. For each session, this test enumerates the session information such as user name, session state, logon times etc., The number of sessions established on the local server impacts the response time of this test.

Target of the test : Any Citrix server

Agent deploying the test : An internal agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for every server being monitored

Configurable parameters for the test
  1. TEST PERIOD – How often should the test be executed
  2. Host – The host for which the test is to be configured
  3. Port – Refers to the port used by the Citrix server
  4. health monitor test path - Citrix Virtual Apps is bundled with a Health Monitoring and Recovery (HMR) test pack, which provides a standard set of tests that can be configured to monitor the health of many Virtual Apps components and report failures. Since the eG agent runs one of the HMR tests to report the health of the Terminal service, you need to configure the eG agent with the full path to the folder containing the HMR test pack. By default, the health monitor test path is set to default. This implies that the eG agent runs the HMR test from its default location, which is: C:\Progra~1\Citrix\HealthMon\Tests\Citrix. However, if the HMR test pack is available in a different location in your Citrix environment, then indicate that location in the health monitor test path text box. For instance, your specification can be: C:\LocalDir\Citrix\HealthMon\Tests\Citrix.
Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation


Indicates the health of the Terminal Service by enumerating the list of all local RDP and ICA sessions in the local server.


This measure reports the value Success if the health of the Terminal service is good and reports the value Failure if the Terminal service fails to enumerate the local RDP and ICA sessions on the local server.

The numeric values that correspond to the above-mentioned states are as follows:

State Numeric Value






By default, this measure reports the above-mentioned states while indicating whether the Terminal service is in good health or not. However, the graph of this measure will represent success and failure using the numeric equivalents- i.e., 0 and 1 - only.