Monitoring the Citrix Director 7.x

eG Enterprise provides eG Enterprise groups the metrics so collected into a set of hierarchical layers. The top 2 layers of this model use the ODATA API to collect metrics on user activity and delivery group management from a XenDesktop broker in a site.  The other layers monitor the availability and health of the system hosting the Citrix Director and reports abnormalities in accessibility and resource usage of the Director.

Figure 1 : The layer model of the Citrix Director 7.x component


eG Enterprise does not require the Citrix Platinum License for monitoring the Citrix Director 7.x.

Typically, to enable the eG agent to run the tests mapped to each layer of Figure 1 above and pull out metrics, Pre-requisites for monitoring the Citrix Director 7.x should be fulfilled.

Using the metrics so collected, administrators can find quick and accurate answers for the following performance queries:

  • Which delivery group is overloaded with desktop sessions?
  • Are any machines in the site waiting for image updates? Which ones are these and which delivery group do they belong to?
  • Which machines are in the 'Suspended' or 'Powered off' state currently?
  • Which machines in the site have failed to start?
  • Which machines are stuck on boot?
  • Which are the machines that have violated their maximum load limit?
  • Is any machine in the maintenance mode?
  • Which machine has the highest load evaluator index? What is contributing to this - high CPU/memory/disk space usage? or high user session load?
  • Which user's logon is taking the maximum time? Where is the user experiencing delays - when brokering? at VM startup? during HDX connection? during authentication? when applying GPOs? at the time of logon script execution? when loading user profile? when handing off keyboard and mouse control to the user?