Installing the eG VM Agent

Users have multiple options to choose from when it comes to installing the eG VM Agent. These options have been discussed below:

  • Manually install the eG VM Agent on every Windows virtual desktop on the cloud using the executable that eG Enterprise provides;

  • Bundle the eG VM Agent as part of a template VM, and use this template to create multiple desktops on the cloud; this way, the eG VM Agent is automatically available in all the virtual desktops that are created using the template;

  • Use a software distribution solution such as Microsoft System Center to distribute the eG VM Agent software to Windows desktops on the cloud from a central location;

  • Connect to each Windows desktop on the cloud and silently install the eG VM Agent on it, without using the executable that eG Enterprise provides.

  • Where Windows O365 desktops are to be monitored, install the eG VM Agent on each Windows O365 desktop using the procedure discussed in Installing eG VM Agent on Windows O365 Desktops.

The first, third, and fourth installation options alone are discussed here.