Monitoring Cohesity Backup

eG Enterprise offers a special-purpose monitoring model for the Cohesity Backup appliance to monitor the status and overall performance of the target Cohesity Backup.

Figure 1 depicts the layer model of a Cohesity Backup appliance.

Figure 1 : Layer model for Cohesity Backup appliance

Every layer in Figure 1 is mapped to various tests to determine the critical statistics related to the performance of the target Cohesity Backup appliance. Using the metrics reported by the tests, administrators can find accurate answers for the following performance queries:

  • Are there any clusters that are in an abnormal state?

  • Is any cluster running out of space?

  • Is any fan down? Are there fans that are operating at an abnormal speed?

  • Is any power supply unit down? Are there any power supply units through which abnormal output power flow is noticed?

  • Is any CPU disabled? Are there CPUs that are executing at abnormal CPU cycles?

Since the tests mapped to the Network Layer have been elaborately discussed in Monitoring Cisco Router document, the sections to come will discuss the other layers in detail.