What is Cohesity Backup?

Cohesity Backup server is a modern, software-defined solution for protecting all of your data sources. With a platform built for scale and performance, Cohesity dramatically simplifies backups, reduce costs, make instant recovery possible, and ensure business continuity. Cohesity Backup server provides the following solutions:

  • Makes operations simple across environments, not complex.

  • Ensures business continuity and minimizes data loss.

  • Reduces your total cost of ownership.

A Single, Simple Solution - Cohesity simplifies backup and recovery by eliminating multiple point products with a single software for on-premises or as-a-Service deployment. Protect and manage traditional and modern data sources from a single global UI.

Deploy as a Service - Switch to an OpEx-friendly model and eliminate on-prem hardware. Simplify protecting your most valuable data, whether on-premises or in the cloud, within minutes.

Limitless Scalability - Designed on hyperscale architecture, Cohesity eliminates complex and expensive onprem forklift upgrades. Easily scale without any disruption.

Reduce Data and Storage Footprint - Optimize your storage capacity and data mobility with global variable-length deduplication and compression. Reduce your data footprint across data sources.

Why Monitor Cohesity Backup?

In IT infrastructures providing mission-critical services to end-users, an efficient backup and restore mechanism is necessary for ensuring that critical servers that are involved in the delivery of a service do not suffer any data loss. If the backup/restoration engine of the server fails, or consumes too much time to backup or restore the data of one/more key infrastructure components, these components might not be able to function properly until such time that all its data is restored to it. This in turn could have a disastrous effect on the service delivery. If such an outcome is to be prevented, the target Cohesity Backup server needs to be closely monitored. This where eG Enterprise helps administrators.