What is Cohesity Backup?

Cohesity Backup appliance provides the only hyper-converged platform that eliminates the complexity of traditional data protection solutions by unifying your end-to-end data protection infrastructure – including target storage, backup, replication, disaster recovery, and cloud tiering. Cohesity DataPlatform provides scale-out, globally deduped, highly available storage to consolidate all your secondary data, including backups, files, and test / dev copies. The key benefits of Cohesity Backup appliance are listed below:

  • Simplify data protection with integrated backup and recovery running directly on the Cohesity DataPlatform.

  • Instantly search-and-recover data with the Cohesity indexing engine.

  • Scale data protection across the enterprise with Cohesity’s web-scale DataPlatform architecture.

Why Monitor Cohesity Backup?

In IT infrastructures providing mission-critical services to end-users, an efficient backup and restore mechanism is necessary for ensuring that critical servers that are involved in the delivery of a service do not suffer any data loss. If there is any hardware problem or a space issue or a memory bottleneck on the Cohesity Backup appliance, it will affect the backup service and restoration of data will be delayed. This in turn could have a disastrous effect on the service delivery. If such an outcome is to be prevented, the target Cohesity Backup server needs to be closely monitored. This where eG Enterprise helps administrators.