COM+ is an extension of Component Object Model (COM), Microsoft's strategic building block approach for developing application programs. COM+ is both an object-oriented programming architecture and a set of operating system services. It adds to COM a new set of system services for application components while they are running, such as notifying them of significant events or ensuring they are authorized to run. COM+ is intended to provide a model that makes it relatively easy to create business applications that work well with the Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) in a Windows NT or subsequent system.

For any business-critical application built on the COM+ model to function smoothly, the key pre-requisite is the flawless operation of the underlying COM+ framework. Issues such as a sudden increase in the load on the COM+ server, or excessive resource usage by COM+ applications, or a general slowdown in the responsiveness of COM+ components, if not detected and resolved quickly, can upset the stability of the COM+ framework, thereby affecting application performance.

To avoid such negativities, the COM+ server should be continuously monitored. This can be easily done using a specialized COM+ monitoring model prescribed by eG Enterprise.