How Does eG Enterprise Monitor Commvault Backup?

eG Enterprise employs an agent-based approach to monitor a Commvault Backup server. This approach requires that an eG agent be deployed on a host on which the Commvault Backup is installed. To collect metrics from the target Commvault Backup server, the pre-requisites mentioned in the section below needs to be fulfilled.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring Commvault Backup

To enable the eG agent to monitor Commvault Backup, the following pre-requisite should be fulfilled:

  • By default, the eG agent executes CLI Commands on the target Commvault Backup server to collect the required metrics. For the eG agent to execute the CLI commands, a special user with monitoring privilege is required. Specify the credentials of such a user in the Commvault ID and Commvault Password text boxes in the test configuration page.
  • By default, the CLI commands that need to be executed by the eG agent will be located within a folder called 'Base' within the install directory of the target Commvault Backup server. For the eG agent to execute the commands, specify the full path to the Base folder against the Base Installed Location parameter in the test configuration page. For example, the full path to the Base folder can be specified as: C:\\Program Files\\Commvault\\Contentstore\\Base.

Once the aforesaid pre-requisites are fulfilled, the eG agent will execute the CLI commands and report useful metrics revealing the performance of the Commvault Backup server in the eG monitor interface.