The Data Domain storage system is a stand alone backup-to-disk appliance offering a network attached storage (NAS) front end (over IP) and an optional virtual tape library (VTL) front end (over FC). Both these configurations include data deduplication capability to efficiently store data that is written to the appliance. The Data Domain storage systems are inline deduplication appliances which means that all the data sent to the appliance is deduplicated immediately.

The Data Domain storage system with its data deduplication capability does the following:

  • Eliminates redundant data from backups to reduce storage, elabling longer onsite retentionand reduce replication costs
  • Performs sub file comparisons on variable length data blocks to capture small block inserts and overstrikes in unstructured and structured data.
  • Provides high performing inline deduplication.

Includes built-in data compression that is additive to deduplication in the data reduction process. Since the storage system plays a crucial role in delivering resources to the environment, issues in its performance can cause serious fatalities, data loss etc. Therefore, it is essential to periodically monitor the storage system round the clock. This is exactly what the eG Enterprise does.