How does eG Enterprise Monitor a Dell Compellent Storage Center?

Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) is a standard interface specification developed by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). Based on the Common Information Model (CIM) and Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) standards, SMI-S defines common protocols and data models that enable interoperability between storage vendor software and hardware.

The Dell Compellent SMI-S Provider version 1.4 works with the open source OpenPegasus CIM Server, which is included with the Enterprise Manager Data Collector. SMI-S can be configured during initial Data Collector installation or post-installation by modifying the properties of the Enterprise Manager Data Collector. When SMI-S is enabled and configured, the Data Collector automatically installs and manages the Dell Compellent SMI-S Provider and the OpenPegasus CIM Server; no additional installation is required.

The Dell Compellent SMI-S Provider is set up via the Properties section of the Compellent Enterprise Data Collector Manager. Once the Dell Compellent is configured, the eG agent will poll the SMI-S Provider of the Dell Compellent Storage Center at set intervals and collect the required performance metrics. Since the SMI-S Provider is embedded within the Dell Compellent Storage System, eG Enterprise uses a remote agent to monitor the Dell Compellent Storage Center.

SMI-S can be set up during the Data Collector installation or at a latertime. Configuring the Dell Compellent SMI-S Provider consists of setting the following Data Collector Service properties:

  • Selecting the Service User Type for the Data Collector Service. You can either choose the Local User Account or the Local Service Account.
  • Manually/automatically creating the Pegasus Users according to the chosen Service User Type. If you choose the Local User Account, then the user type should possess admin privileges and should allow the Data Collector to automatically add a Pegasus CIM User. If you choose Local Service Account from this list, then you will be required to manually add atleast one Pegasus user to the Pegasus CIM Server.
  • Enabling SMI-S properties including SLP/HTTP services, and selecting to manually/automatically manage the Pegasus users.