Dlink DGS-3100 series switches are managed Layer 2 Gigabit stackable that support up to 6 stack units. These switches provide wide-ranging port densities and up to 20Gbps physical stacking. A stack can consist of 10/100/1000Mbps switches, 10/100/1000Mbps PoE switches, or a combination of both types, with up to 96 SFP fibre links.DGS-3100 stack provides the D-Link Safeguard Engine function to increase the switch’s reliability and availability. Jumbo Frame support is designed to enhance Ethernet networking throughput and significantly reduce the CPU utilization of large file transfers like large multimedia files or large data files by enabling more efficient larger payloads per packets.

If the switches malfunction or do not respond due to overutlization/failure of core components, then, data may not be transmitted from the data centers at a faster pace which would directly have an impact on the end users. Administrators should therefore monitor the switches in their environment 24*7. Let us now deep-dive into the procedure to monitor the Dlink DGS Switch using the dedicated monitoring offered by eG Enterprise.