How does eG Enterprise Monitor EMC Centera?

eG Enterprise monitors EMC Centera Storage in an agentless manner. All that is required for this is an eG agent needs to be deployed on a remote Windows host in the environment. Below are the prerequisites to configure eG Enterprise to monitor EMC Centera:

  • eG Enterprise uses CLI commands to monitor EMC Centera.

  • The connectivity using CLI requires Username, Password and CenteraViewer JAR file location.

  • CenteraCLI software needs to be installed on the same windows host as eG agent.

  • Copy CenteraViewer JAR file location as it needs to be provided in parameters. By default location is -

    C:\Program Files\EMC\Centera\2_4\SystemOperator\lib\CenteraViewer.jar

Once the pre-requisites are fulfilled, manage the EMC Centera Storage component to monitor the target System.