How to Monitor EMC CLARiiON Using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise uses an external agent to collect the required metrics from the device. The eG agent uses the following mechanisms:

  • By default, eG uses the command line utility (NaviSecCLI.exe) available as part of the NaviSphere Management Suite of EMC CLARiion for monitoring it. The NaviSphere Management Suite is the central console using which the CLARiion environment can be controlled and monitored. The NaviSphere CLI (i.e., the NaviSecCLI.exe) is used for issuing commands to an array, writing scripts, requesting array status, and as a tool for problem determination.
  • Optionally, you can also configure the eG agent to use the SMI-S provider of EMC CLARiiON to collect additional performance metrics from the storage device.

To enable the eG agent to use the aforesaid mechanisms, a set of pre-requisites should be fulfilled. These requirements have been discussed in the following section.

General Pre-requisites

To enable the eG agent to use both the NaviSphere CLI and the SMI-S provider for collecting metrics from EMC CLARiiON, you need to make sure that both the CLI and the provider are installed on the same host.