Dell EMC Isilon scale -out storage system contains the hardware base on which OneFS operating system executes. OneFS works exclusively with the Isilon scale-out storage system, referred to as a “cluster”. The cluster is architected with a wide variety of node styles and capacities, in order to meet the needs of a varied data set and wide spectrum of workloads. OneFS automatically divides the content and allocates the content to different storage nodes in parallel via the private Ethernet or InfiniBand network, which eliminates unnecessary network traffic. The Isilon cluster is managed as a single file system and the coordination and data distribution are completely transparent to end- user clients. This ability to automatically distribute data across multiple nodes in a transparent manner is fundamental for the ability of OneFS to enable growth, next -generation data protection, and extreme performance.

With the Isilon storage system, organizations can optimally scale-up their environment based on the growing needs, and administrators can easily manage the resource allocation to the environment without any glitch and down time. Therefore, insufficient resources in cluster, unavailability of nodes or failure detected in the hardware such as power sensor, fan, etc. may result in the loss of huge amount of data. Anything that renders the data inaccessible or delays access to data, such as a disk failure, a low throughput or an I/O overload, can be disastrous to these mission-critical IT environments. This is why, it is important that the storage system should be continuously monitored for performance flaws – both small or big! This is where eG Enterprise helps storage administrators.