Pserver Disk Space Test

This test reports the space usage of every disk partition in every pServer in the PAN domain, and accurately points you to those pServers and disk partitions that are experiencing a space crunch.

Target of the test : An Egenera PAN Manager

Agent deploying the test : A remote agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for each disk partition attached to each pServer in the PAN manager being monitored.

Configurable parameters for the test
Parameter Description

Test Period

How often should the test be executed.


The IP address of the Egenera PAN Manager for which this test is to be configured.

PAN Manager User, PAN Manager Password, and Confirm Password

To monitor the Egenera PAN Manager, the eG agent has to be configured with administrator privileges. This is why, you need to specify the credentials of an administrator against the PAN Manager User and PAN Manager Password parameters of this test. Confirm the pan manager password by retyping it in the Confirm Password text box.


By default, the Egenera PAN Manager is not SSL-enabled. Accordingly, the SSL flag is set to No by default.

PAN Manager Webport

By default, in most environments, the Egenera PAN Manager listens on port 80 (if not SSL-enabled) or on port 443 (if SSL-enabled) only. This implies that while monitoring the Egenera PAN Manager, the eG agent, by default, connects to port 80 or 443, depending upon the SSL-enabled status of Egenera PAN Manager - i.e., if Egenera PAN Manager is not SSL-enabled (i.e., if the SSL flag above is set to No), then the eG agent connects to Egenera PAN Manager using port 80 by default, and if Egenera PAN Manager is SSL-enabled (i.e., if the SSL flag is set to Yes), then the agent-Egenera PAN Manager communication occurs via port 443 by default. Accordingly, the PAN Manager Webport parameter is set to default by default.

In some environments however, the default ports 80 or 443 might not apply. In such a case, against the PAN Manager Webport parameter, you can specify the exact port at which the Egenera PAN Manager in your environment listens, so that the eG agent communicates with that port for collecting metrics from the Egenera PAN Manager.

Detailed Diagnosis

To make diagnosis more efficient and accurate, the eG Enterprise embeds an optional detailed diagnostic capability. With this capability, the eG agents can be configured to run detailed, more elaborate tests as and when specific problems are detected. To enable the detailed diagnosis capability of this test for a particular server, choose the On option. To disable the capability, click on the Off option.

The option to selectively enabled/disable the detailed diagnosis capability will be available only if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The eG manager license should allow the detailed diagnosis capability
  • Both the normal and abnormal frequencies configured for the detailed diagnosis measures should not be 0.
Measurements made by the test
Measurement Desacription Measurement Unit Interpretation

Total space

Indicates the total capacity of this disk partition in this pServer.



Free space

Indicates the amount of space that is currently available for use in this disk partition of this pServer.


A high value is desired for this measure.

Used space

Indicates the amount of space that is already used in this disk partition of this pServer.



Space utilization

Indicates the percentage of space usage on each disk partition of this pServer.


A value close to 100% can indicate a potential problem situation where applications executing on the pServer may not be able to write data to the disk partition(s) with very high usage.