Search is how people expect to find information, but enterprise search tools require different technology than the Web.  Enterprise Search includes all the methods people employ for finding information, including navigation, analytics, visualizations, and text mining.

Search Applications built on the Endeca Information Access Platform (IAP) are designed specifically for enterprise requirements. They are different than one-size-fits-all approaches.  Instead, they let IT departments partner with the business to tailor an experience to a specific set of user goals and data. They feature a unique interplay of search and browse, relevance-ranked results, guidance through those results, and business rules to control results.

The effectiveness of a search engine is typically measured by its speed - i.e., how quickly the search application executes the search queries and returns the output. Frequent slowdowns experienced by an enterprise search application can significantly delay even routine business transactions, thus causing users to lose faith in the capability of the application and compelling them to use it less and less. Therefore, it is imperative that the application should be continuously monitored to track performance lag, if any and ensure high speed business transactions. eG Enterprise lends helping hands to administrators in achieving this task.