What is ExaGrid Backup Server?

The ExaGrid system is a disk backup appliance with data deduplication that works with existing backup applications. ExaGrid uses compression and data deduplication (sometimes called Capacity optimization) to minimize the amount of data stored. This works by using standard data compression for the most recent backups, along with saving only byte-level changes from backup to backup for all previous backups. This approach can reduce the disk space required for disk-based backup storage by 20 to 1.

ExaGrid can take backups from over 25 backup applications and utilities:

  • traditional backup applications

  • specialized backup utilities

  • virtualized backup applications

  • SQL and Oracle RMAN dumps

  • UNIX tar files

ExaGrid allows IT departments to use any combination of industry leading backup applications, utilities, and database dumps to a single ExaGrid system. ExaGrid works in true heterogeneous backup application environments.

ExaGrid’s full appliances bring full server resources (processor, memory, and bandwidth) with all capacity in a single scale-out system. This approach ensures a fixed backup window as data grows and eliminates expensive forklift upgrades and product obsolescence in the future.

The flexible scalability coupled with appliance models of various sizes allows IT organizations both large and small to buy what they need as they need it. This allows customers to buy as they grow.