What is Exchange Online Tenant?

In Microsoft 365, an Exchange Online Tenant is representative of an organization. It is a dedicated instance of the Azure Active Directory service that an organization receives and owns when it creates a relationship with Microsoft, such as by signing up for a Microsoft cloud service like Azure, or Microsoft 365. Each Exchange Online Tenant is distinct, unique, and separate from other tenants such that a tenant name cannot be changed once created.

Why Monitor Exchange Online Tenant?

If users experience slowdown when using Exchange Online Tenant component for sending/receiving emails, identify abnormal email activity, message delivery failures, and potential slowness in delivery, they may lose confidence in the technology. As with any cloud-hosted service, service disruptions, downtime and slow connectivity issues are bound to affect business continuity and Office 365 administrators require actionable insight to proactively alert them when performance starts to degrade and to help them resolve problems quickly. To avoid such issues, it is imperative to monitor the Exchange Online Tenant components on a regular basis. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators.