Office 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft Office product line. The brand encompasses plans that allow use of the Microsoft Office software suite over the life of the subscription, as well as cloud-based software as a service products for business environments, such as hosted Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, and SharePoint among others.

In recent years, Office 365 has eclipsed all other cloud providers to emerge as the most widely used enterprise cloud service. Being able to deliver high service levels is a key to ensuring the success of Office 365 implementations. As with any cloud-hosted service, service disruptions, downtime and slow connectivity issues are bound to affect business continuity and Office 365 administrators require actionable insight to proactively alert them when performance starts to degrade and to help them resolve problems quickly. This is where eG Enterprise helps!

eG Enterprise is a 100% web-based monitoring, diagnosis and reporting solution for Office 365 environments. Embedding deep domain expertise, pre-built dashboards and KPIs, eG Enterprise empowers Office 365 administrators to continuously monitor health and performance metrics, diagnose issues, and isolate the root cause of Office 365 performance problems.

To provide in-depth performance insights into Office 365 environments, eG Enterprise provides specialized monitoring models - one each for Microsoft Office 365, and its most popular cloud-based offerings such as Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft OneDrive for Business etc.

Microsoft Exchange Online is a hosted messaging application that provides organizations with access to the full-featured version of Exchange Server. It includes access to email, calendars, contacts and tasks for any endpoint device.

This discussion focuses only on the Microsoft Exchange Online monitoring model that eG Enterprise provides. With the help of this discussion, you will be able to understand how eG Enterprise monitors Microsoft Exchange Online, and how one can manage and monitor the performance of Exchange Online using eG ;Enterprise.