Monitoring Web Health Externally

eG Enterprise offers a specialized monitoring model (Figure 1) that monitors health and availability of multiple IP addresses on the target server that hosts web applications/services from an external perspective, and reports useful metrics so as to proactively alert administrators to unavailability of connections, packet loss and delayed responses.

Figure 1 : The layer model of External Web health component

The layers depicted by Figure 1 are associated with various tests that report on key metrics, and answers the following performance-related queries: 

  • Is the target host system available over web?
  • Is the TCP connection available to the host server?
  • Is DNS server available to respond to the requests from the target server?
  • Are TCP ports available for the target server?
  • How quickly the TCP ports are responding to the target server?
  • Is packet loss encountered during packet transmission to and from the target server?