The BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) is an application delivery networking system that secures, optimizes, and delivers applications.

This system provides a suite of security services that enhance network and protocol level security, filter application attacks, and thus protect your mission-critical applications. In addition, the BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager removes single points of failure and virtualizes the network and applications using industry-leading L7 intelligence. Furthermore, it includes static and dynamic load balancing methods, which track dynamic performance levels of servers in a group and ensures that all sites are always on, more scalable, and easier to manage.

Since application delivery delays, inefficiencies, and failures can cause prolonged service outages and cost an enterprise money and reputation, the continuous operation and good health of the LTM is of paramount importance. To ensure this, eG Enterprise provides a specialized F5 Traffic Manager model that helps the administrator to continuously monitor the F5 Traffic Manager.