FortiGate’s firewall series of ASIC accelerated antivirus firewalls are the new generation of real time protection systems for LAN, VPN, WAN and wireless network security. Capable of providing anitvirus/worm protection for emails, network inrusion detection, web content filtering based on URLS and keywords and traffic shaping, the FortiGate Antivirus Firewall products secure the network without degrading its performance.

High availability of the firewall is therefore imperative to ensure the safety of the mission-critical environment it protects. If the availability of the firewall is challenged, then the IT environment is rendered defenceless against unsavory virus attacks and unauthorized access, both of which can cause irreparable damage. Hence, to make sure that an IT environment stays protected 24X7X365 from network threats, the availability and performance of the firewall should be continuously monitored. eG Enterprise helps administrators in this regard.

eG Enterprise offers two specialized monitoring models to monitor different versions of the FortiGate Firewall - the Fortigate Firewall 3x model that performs a thorough, top-down monitoring of the various aspects of performance of FortiGate Firewall v3 (and its variants), and the Fortigate Firewall model that provides indepth insights into the performance of the FortiGate Firewall v4 (and above) .

With the help of both these models, you can keep track of the variations in a wide range of critical performance parameters - from the session activity on the firewall to its resource utilization and its ability to detect attacks. Analysis of the statistics collected enable administrators to proactively detect performance anomalies at the firewall, and promptly initiate remedial measures, so as to ensure continuous firewall availability.