The FortiGate Firewall Application Layer

Using the tests mapped to this layer, administrators can figure out the following:

  • the number of messages processed for the Instant Messenger protocol;
  • the count of the files that were transferred using the Instant Messenger protocol the count of the files that were blocked;
  • the count of the connections blocked while using the Instant messenger protocol;
  • the number of VOIP connections that were currently active on the firewall and the number of VOIP connections that were blocked;
  • the number of peer-to-peer connections that were blocked and the amount of data transmitted using peer-to-peer protocol;
  • the memory utilized by each proxy server on the firewall;
  • the number of connections utilized by each proxy server connection;
  • the maximum number of connection supported by each proxy server;

Figure 1 : The tests associated with the FortiGate Firewall Application layer