eG Enterprise supports the following deployment model:

  • Enterprise

The Enterprise model is an administrator-driven model, where the administrator is a 'super-user' with unrestricted administrative and monitoring powers. Only an administrator can deploy eG agents in the environment, configure the environment for monitoring, and create/manage user accesses to the eG Enterprise system. Non-admin users are granted only limited administrative rights , so they can configure tests, thresholds, and maintenance policies alone for the monitored environment that the administrator provisions for them.

In contrast, the SaaS model lifts significant 'administrative workload' off the admin users and passes it down to non-admin users/tenants. Typically, a SaaS manager will be a cloud-based manager deployed on cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc. Tenants are users who connect to the manager to avail monitoring services. The additional administrative rights empower tenants to service their own monitoring needs by self-provisioning their environment. With this model, tenants have the freedom to self-register with the eG Enterprise system, download and install the monitors they want, manage the components of interest to them, and prepare these components for monitoring, without any administrator involvement. Moreover, the SaaS model is built with increased automation capabilities, which enable fast and near-touch-free deployment! This way, eG Enterprise emerges as a fully multi-tenant monitoring solution!

To know how to install and configure eG Enterprise for SaaS, refer to the eG Installation Guide.

After installing the eG manager, an administrator can login to it and perform all administrative tasks just like in the Enterprise installation of the eG manager. Refer to the Administering eG Enterprise document for insights into an administrator's journey. Non-admin users/tenants can also perform many administrative tasks on the eG manager in a SaaS deployment. This document discusses how a tenant can navigate a SaaS installation of the eG manager and what operations they can perform using the eG web console. It also explains how an administrator can add/remove tenants and make license allocations.