Managing the Configuration of the Monitored Infrastructure

Once the components of interest in the tenant infrastructure are managed, the tenant can proceed to configure the components and ready them monitoring. For this, the tenant should first click the Manage Configuration option in the left panel of the Overview page. Figure 1 then appears.

Figure 1 : Options to manage the configuration of target components in the tenant infrastructure

Using the options offered by Figure 1, a tenant can perform the following:

  • Configure Tests: Click on this option to configure tests for the target components. To know how to configure a test, refer to the Administering eG Enterprise document.
  • Set Thresholds: Thresholds govern the state of a measure. A threshold is characterized by an upper and/or lower limit of performance for the chosen measure. Whenever the threshold is violated, the state of the corresponding measure becomes ‘abnormal’. To configure thresholds for every measure collected from the tenant infrastructure, click on the Set Thresholds option.
  • Set Maintenance Policy: to prevent the meaningless generation of alarms during routine maintenance activities, eG Enterprise allows tenants to configure maintenance policies for the components in their monitoring scope. For this purpose, click on the Set Maintenance Policy option in Figure 1.