Registering with a SaaS Installation of eG Enterprise

To be able to setup their monitoring environment, tenants should first log into the eG web console. For that, a tenant should first register themselves with the eG manager. To self-register, the following steps need to be followed by a tenant:

  1. Open a browser and connect to the eG manager using the URL: http://<eG_Manager_IP/Hostname>:<eG_Manager_Port>. If the eG manager is SSL-enabled, then use the following URL: https://<eG_Manager_IP/Hostname>:<eG_Manager_Port>

  2. Figure 2 will then appear. To register, click the REGISTER tab page.

    Figure 2 : Login page for a SaaS installation of the eG manager

  3. Figure 3 will then appear.

    Figure 3 : A tenant self-registering with eG Enterprise for SaaS

  4. Registration requires the tenant to specify the following in Figure 3:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Corporate Email ID: Provide a valid, 'active' email ID here. You can use this email ID to login to the eG management console, post registration. Also, eG Enterprise sends verification codes to a tenant and email alerts of issues to this email ID only.
    • Password
    • Name of organization
    • Phone number
    • Time zone
  5. Once done, click the Register button to save the specifications. eG Enterprise will then send an OTP / verification code to the email ID mentioned during registration. Type the code/OTP in Figure 4 that appears and click the Verify button.

    Figure 4 : Specifying OTP/code sent via emailm

  6. If the correct OTP/code is specified, registration successfully completes.
  7. You can now log into the eG management console using either the First Name and Password, or the Corporate email ID and Password you specified in Figure 3.

    Figure 5 : Logging into the eG Enterprise system using the first name and password