The GWIA allows communication between GroupWise users and users of other messaging systems who use the Internet to send e-mail. Problems in the GWIA, if not resolved in time, could close all doors of communication across messaging systems. To avoid this, the GWIA has to be continuously monitored.

Novell GroupWise 6.5 is a cross-platform collaboration product that enables users to work over any type of network. In addition to integrated e-mail and scheduling services, GroupWise offers task-, contact- and document-management services. It also delivers secure instant messaging tools and offers mobile-access capabilities.

Owing to its diverse capabilities, GroupWise components play a very crucial role in the delivery of many business-critical applications. Operational issues with any GroupWise component can thus have serious repercussions on service performance. Therefore, in order to ensure high availability and uninterrupted delivery of the service, continuous monitoring of the GWIA is essential. To achieve this purpose, eG Enterprise provides a specialized model for continuously monitoring the GWIA.