A domain organizes post offices into a logical grouping for addressing, routing, and administration purposes in your GroupWise system. Messages are transferred between post offices and domains by the Message Transfer Agent (MTA).

The Internet Agent picks up inbound e-mail messages from the Internet, converts them into the GroupWise message format, and then passes the converted messages to the GroupWise Message Transfer Agent (MTA). For outgoing messages transported by the Internet, the GroupWise MTA passes the message to the Internet Agent, which then converts the message to Internet messaging format, and then sends it to the designated Internet address.

Error-free functioning of the MTA is imperative to ensure the prompt delivery of messages to the post offices or domains. Non-availability of the MTA or long winding message queues at the MTA can significantly delay the delivery of critical messages. To prevent such problem situations, the MTA’s performance needs to be brought under the scanner. This is where eG Enterprise lends helping hands to administrators to continuously track performance of the MTA.