Monitoring the GroupWise MTAs

eG Enterprise prescribes two specialized monitoring models for the MTA – one for every operating system that is executes on. While the MTA on Netware can be monitored using the Groupwise MTA - Netware component-type, the one on Windows can be managed as Groupwise MTA - Win. Figure 1 depicts the Groupwise MTA - Win monitoring model.

Figure 1 : The layer model of a GroupWise MTA application

Though both the Groupwise MTA - Netware and Groupwise MTA - Win models share the same set of layers, the difference lies in the tests mapped to the operating system-specific layers – in other words, the bottom 4 layers of Figure 1. To know the details of tests mapped to these 4 layers on Windows environments, refer to the Unix and Windows Servers monitoring model. Similarly, to know which tests are associated with these 4 layers on Netware, refer to Netware monitoring model.