How to Monitor the HP 3PAR Storage System Using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise  monitors the HP 3PAR Storage system using a single external eG agent on any remote host in the environment. The eG agent will poll the SMI-S Provider of the HP 3PAR Storage system at set intervals and collect the required performance metrics. To know where to install this eG agent and how to configure the agent to interact with the SMI-S Provider, follow the guidelines discussed in the below section.

Pre-requisites for monitoring the HP 3PAR Storage System

  1. By default, the SMI-S Provider/CIM Server is embedded within the HP 3PAR Storage system. The eG agent can therefore, be deployed on any remote windows host in the environment. Ensure that the Windows host is able to connect to the SMI-S Provider and pull out metrics related to the storage system.
  2. By default, the SMI-S Provider is disabled in the HP 3PAR Storage system. To enable the SMI-S provider, the administrator should login to putty and connect to the target HP 3PAR Storage system via SSH. Remember that the administrator should possess super user privileges to connect to the target storage system.
  3. Once connected to the target HP 3PAR Storage system, issuing the startcim command in the CLI of the target storage system will enable and start the SMI-S Provider.


    The SMI-S Provider will start in 90 seconds after the startcim command is issued.

  4. To disable the SMI-S Provider, issue the stopcim command. If you wish to be prompted to confirm your intention to disable the SMI-S Provider, then you may issue the stopcim –f command.
  5. If you are in doubt about the current status of the SMI-S Provider, then you can verify the current status of the SMI-S Provider in the CLI by issuing the showcim command. An example SMI-S Provider status information is as follows:

    -Service- -State- --SLP-- SLPPort -HTTP-- HTTPPort -HTTPS- HTTPSPort PGVer CIMVer

    Enabled Active Enabled 427 Enabled 5988 Enabled 5989 2.9.1 3.1.2

    Using this command you can view the overall status of the SMI-S Provider; the status and ports used for the HTTP, HTTPS, and SLP; the version of the internal Pegasus CIM Object Manager; and the version of the CIM Server/SMI-S Provider.

  6. Manage the target storage system using the eG administrative interface. To know the procedure refer to Monitoring HP 3PAR Storage System.