Monitoring the HP Blade Servers

To enable you to promptly detect issues with the enclosure or the services offered by it, and resolve such issues without delay so that the performance of the blades is not compromised, eG Enterprise presents the HP Blade monitoring model.

Figure 3 : The layer model of the HP Blade Server

Each layer of Figure 1 pulls out a plethora of metrics revealing the condition of the enclosure, the composition of the enclosure, and the state of services offered by it so that, you can find quick and easy answers to the following:

  • What does the enclosure contain - blades, power supplies, temperature sensors, net connectors, fuses, fans?
  • What is the overall condition of the enclosure - good or bad? If bad, then, what is the root-cause of the abnormal behavior of the enclosure?
  • Are all the fans operating normally? If not, which fan has failed?
  • Have any fuses experienced failures? If so, which ones?
  • Does the enclosure contain any failed temperature sensors? If so, which ones?
  • Has any temperature sensor registered an abnormal temperature reading?
  • Are all blades available? Which ones are not?
  • Are all power supply units in the rack blade operational? Has any power supply experienced performance degradations or has failed completely?
  • What is the current power output of each of the power supplies in a rack blade? Is the current power output of any unit unusually high?
  • Which power enclosures are not in a load-balanced mode?
  • Which power enclosure is in a degraded state?
  • Which fan, net connector, temperature sensor, fuse in the enclosure is currently unavailable?